The main obstacle or problem was, I had a personal influence who was oppressing and at that time I was not strong enough to realize it, or figure out how to grow around it and flourish. 

​If you plant a seed and then put a rock in it's way, the seed will continue to grow roots in an effort  to try to push itself up through the rock.  It never gives up trying to seek the sun.  It takes a break while getting stronger, but finally, it will figure a way to go around the rock or up through it in its desperate measure to reach the light...Isn't that what we do? Can we figure out how to break through the rocks in our lives and become victorious?  Yes!

​Whenever I came up with an idea of how I could achieve something, there was an outside influence which kept telling me to give will never happen...I wasn't worth it....I had no real value...Who would ever listen to me.  I gave up my dream of finishing college because my 1st husband was upset that I might find someone and leave him.    I was never good enough, thin enough, pretty enough and put myself and my children through heck as I suffered.  I became a control freak to make sure they could only do good.  I think that caused them  some anger and I understand that now.

I never gave up my entrepreneurial ideas and I continued to raise 5 children over 37 years while working in the following fields...Dental Assistant, Aetna Admin Assistant,   night time newspaper delivery, licensed childcare provider for 18 years, swim instructor (taught 22 babies to swim), diving instructor for Newbury Park High School, seamstress, costume designer, Tupperware, Avon, Amway, Novelist, Craft Boutique with crafts in 4 stores (California),   Contributing Reporter for the Ventura County Star, Website designer and expense specialist for TBG,  a call center operator, Call Center Manager, A call Center Assistant Account Executive for Kaiser's Medical Products, for Skechers, for Sam and Libbys, for The Right Start Baby Catalog, and product Senior Trainer for Desert of the Month, Miss Grace Lemon Cake and Mrs. Beasley's Muffins.  I was instrumental in starting the Amgen Orchestra in 2005-2007 and was their Mezzo Soprano Soloist.  I studied at home and became an autodidact website designer.  I did countless websites for other women who had dreams.  I also began my Genealogy career in 1978 and am a Professional Genealogist now (  Of recent,  I've enjoyed being an Office Manager for Arizona Shutters and Blinds and Web Designer for same.  

With only doing Avon 3 days a week I was able to become a top Salesperson for my district for 5 years running and Top Recruiter for same.  So what was my dream and what were my goals about?  Well, during the hard years, my goal was to make enough money to feed my children and not have to beg for money from their father.  In spite of our oppressed life, they all grew to be tremendous successes in their fields and strong, independent people.   My dreams were to be a teacher and in many ways I fulfilled those dreams.

My dream was to inspire others to reach their potential.  Teaching has always been one of my passions.  When I taught Customer Service Representatives, I was really in my element.  I'm not telling you all this to brag, but to show you that no matter what horrible thing happened, I persevered.  I stayed the course.   I never lost my Faith in someone looking over me.  I knew my Heavenly Father had a plan for me.   I ran the race and in the most primitive meaning, I won.  Everything I experienced has prepared me for each new day I experience now.

Success didn't come all at one time.  It was a process of doing the same simple things daily to build on a platform of knowledge.  You can't expect to start selling Avon and have a client base of 1000 people overnight.  That part takes time, but unless you start somewhere with what your mentor suggests, you won't be able to make it up the first flight of stairs! 

​If you try to re invent the wheel and do your own thing, you are doomed to failure.  Many people will not only not put in a first order, but they will stop after 4 orders.  They will figure out some way to blame Avon, or Amway, or Mary Kay, or Tupperware, but if they had just done exactly what their mentor had suggested, day by day, they would start getting a return clientele, they would learn to prospect, they would learn how to market themselves online,  they would learn the basics to get them up the first flights of stairs.

 People asked "Why did you stay in an abusive situation for 37 years?" then  "How did you plan your escape?"  There were several mitigating circumstances that surrounded my psyche.  I was made to feel that I could not survive on my own and could not leave my children.  Truth be told, I didn't want to deal with the dual custody situations that my friends were suffering from in their divorces, so I became numb to the negativity and stayed to protect my children from emotional abuse as much as I could.  I kept my Faith in God and turned to him often for strength.  When the youngest was 19, things fell into place and many friends helped me to effect my move and subsequent peaceful dissolution of my situation.  It was clearly a miracle for everything to come into play the way it did.  At the end, I felt peace and forgiveness and started to experience joy, truly for the first time in my life.  When my book comes out, many will be surprised at what occurred.  Because of the negative influence, that became a catalyst for me to push around the rock and reach for the light...and I grew.

People ask me why I do Avon?  It's because I like being my own boss.  I like not having to punch a clock.  If someone wants to meet with me, I can go whenever I like.  My time is my own with my Grandchildren and children.  I can jump on a plane and visit my mother when I want to in California.  You can't do these things when you have a salaried, punch the clock, settle for bad or poor or even less than great performance reviews.  The next question is, "How did you accomplish this?" - like you eat an bite at a time.

The point of this is to show you that you can accomplish whatever you want to in this life.  Think Big, then use your Avon income to salt away the cash to make your dreams come true.  Speak with your Leaders about what you want and they will be eager to help you create a plan for success.  The most important thing that I can tell you love your customers as a hen loves her chicks and they will be loyal. The next most important thing is to be kind to one person.....yourself.  Sometimes the biggest enemy we know is living between our ears.  Negative self talk is damaging to your brain, is devastating to your self esteem.  Your negative voice might be telling you that you can't jump over an obstacle, constantly doubting yourself, telling yourself that your mistakes cannot be fixed are not what you need.  Choose to do little things for your business each day and remarkable things will happen. Just get to know 3 people every day and give out your books and you will amaze yourself.

I'm sending positive blessings to you.  I hope you follow me on FB and let me know how you are doing.   Other sites that may be a positive influence are my team recognition site:   Again, think and grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill

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What does it take to become a success?

​What does it take to become a success?
This is singularly the most personally influential quote I've ever heard.  I first heard it when I was a Health Insurance Agent in the 70s.  I read the book, "Think and Grow Rich".  It goes like this, "What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve".

I read everything I could about Napoleon Hill once I heard this quote.  It was like the quote turned on a light bulb in my heart.  He was such a positive thinker.  It amazed me.   I had never thought of the idea that the mind was that intelligent.  At my young 21 years, did not know what a goal was but certainly knew what dreams and desires to better myself were. I just didn't know how to put the two together.  That was the year that I first really remember getting frustrated with hearing people talk about their goals and really started trying to figure out how to achieve one.